10 Reasons Why Having Small Breasts Is Flat-Out Perfect (GIFS)

woman looking at self in mirrorIt's taken forever, but breast implants are finally losing some of their appeal. Thanks to flat-chested-and-proud-of-it celebs like Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne, apparently an A-cup is now the new bra size to covet.


If you've always been self-conscious about your lady lumps, you might find that hard to believe. But keep reading, because we've found 10 scientific reasons why -- trends aside -- you should still truly celebrate your petite breasts.

1. They have more perks in the bedroom. Larger boobs have more fatty tissue, while smaller breasts are made up of more glandular tissue, which is wayyyy more sensitive to touch. 


2. You have better posture. Did you know a pair of Ds can weigh as much as 23 pounds? No wonder women with large breasts are more prone to headaches and neck tension. They've got a lot on their front side to hold up. Not so with your little guys -- and your posture thanks you for it.

3. Bras may be bad for you. Going braless isn't just convenient when you're running late in the a.m. It could benefit you in the long run. A French study that spanned 15 years found that bras aren't even necessary and, in fact, cause sagging.

4. Small boobs are better for your mental health. Women who have extra-large breasts (a condition known as "macromastia") are more likely to have lower self-esteem and develop eating disorders. Little chest = BIG confidence.

5. You may be less likely to get breast cancer. According to one large study of 16,000 women, those who wore a D-cup or larger were more likely to be diagnosed with the disease than women who only fit into an A-size or smaller. The reason may have to do with larger-breasted women having more estrogen, which is linked to the growth of both mammary glands and tumors.

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6. And if you do, you may notice it sooner. Nobody enjoys doing self-exams. (Or thinking about breast cancer.) But if you DO have a lump in one of your small breasts, you may feel it sooner. There isn't a lot of tissue to hide it.

7. You'll always look younger. Know how large breasts -- whether you wear a bra or not -- are going to sag as you get older? Not so with your tiny twins. And because of that, it's tougher for a man to assess your age.

8. Rich men love 'em. Malaysian researchers surveyed 266 men about their preference in breast size and noted that those who earned the most cash preferred small breasts. One theory why: Men may unconsciously view breast size as a sign of fat reserves, which indicates access to food -- or money to buy that food. Wealthy men simply don't care about that extra, er, handful.


9. With tiny tatas, you're more likely to end up with a man who respects women. A University of Westminster study found that sexist men are most likely to be attracted to women with really big boobs -- probably because large breasts are perceived to be a sign of "traditional femininity."

10. In fact, MANY men prefer them. One study conducted in 2001 -- when boob jobs were all the rage -- found that women weren't great at guessing the breast size men liked most. They consistently thought men would go for big 'uns, when actually, men skewed toward smaller breasts.

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