10 Ways Your Phone Is Wrecking You (PHOTOS)

woman in pjs looking at her phoneYour phone's your second brain, right? It reminds you when it's time to wake up, stores your fave recipes, tells you what song's playing on the radio, and lets you watch all those gosh darn cute kitty videos at the push of a button. We know you heart your phone. But your health might not agree.

While the Food and Drug Administration insists phones are safe, they've been (no offense, FDA) wrong before. PLUS, smartphones haven't been around long enough for researchers to truly know the long-term effects they're having on our bodies and brains.

But what evidence we do have so far might make you think twice about getting rid of that landline. Here, 10 ways your phone can hurt not only your health, but your life.



Image via warrengoldswain/iStock.com

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