9 Simple Ways to Make Peace With Your Body -- Starting Now

woman yoga beachAlena Ozerova/ShutterstockNo matter how much body positivity or body confidence or self-love we preach, there are always going to be things we don't love about the way we look. Maybe someday we'll get to the point of 100 percent self-love 24/7, but for now, we're working with what we have.


We'd guess that most women have a hang-up or two, and while it's not getting in the way of our self-love, we'd still love to see them ... go away.

Here, experts share with us the healthy, body-positive ways to get past your hang-ups once and for all. Whether you're using your mind or your body, you too can have the calves/eyebrows/armpits/self-love of your dreams.

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