Do You Feel Holiday Stress?

wrapping presentsI just realized something, like, just this second. I haven't bought my DH or the babysitter or my brother anything for Christmas. I haven't decided what side dish and dessert to make for Christmas dinner (we're going to my best friend's house). The lights on the tree aren't working. And I might need to pack everyone in the car for a quick holiday trip.

I can feel my heart beating faster just thinking about all the stuff I have to do. I'm more than a little behind, and I guess I've been procrastinating. Holy fruitcake (or other dessert I don't have time to make), I am feeling some holiday stress.


Here are some helpful survival strategies from WebMD on managing Christmas stress:

Think about what's important. Prioritize. Do what you have to do first and cross out anything that really doesn't need to get done.

Celebrate your faith. Go to church or services that make you happy and reduce stress.

Stay away from booze. Alcohol changes your mood.

Exercise every day. It's especially important if you're eating more, and it also helps you sleep better at night.

Avoid TV. It won't help you feel less stressed out.

Simplify your traditions. Doing less may mean you have more quality time with your family.

I am going to make a list right now and start on the things that must be done by Thursday, Christmas Day. I just had an idea that will save me some time: I'll buy gift bags at the Dollar Store when I go shopping instead of gift wrap. One CafeMom knows how I feel and recently posted the question Who feels overwhelmed with the holidays and all the shopping?

Did you get ahead this year? Or are you freaking out a little this week? Do you feel any holiday stress?

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