10 Amazing Perks of Being an Introvert

shy happy womanIn our extrovert-centric world, there's a stigma associated with being an introvert. People are flummoxed when you refrain from karaoke and would rather read a book rather than make small talk at a party. But pep up, shy peeps. There are plenty of genuinely cool benefits to living so deep inside your own head.


(And no, it's not just that the shy, introverted women in rom-coms are the ones that always get the cute guy in the end.)

1. You're sensitive to other's feelings. Introverts hate when people invade their personal space or overstep social boundaries. As a result, you're extremely careful NOT to do the same.

2. You're able to be by yourself. You know how incredibly busy and fast our world is today -- entertainment is everywhere. Many people (and not just kids!) get restless or irritable if they don't have something or someone else to entertain them. Not introverts. You value the lost art of solitude.

3. You make a great leader. True, your quiet demeanor may sometimes make it seem like you lack confidence. But introverts are actually quite thoughtful and empathetic, like we mentioned in #1. Those are great leadership qualities to have. Bill Gates is an introvert. So is JK Rowling. Need we say more?

4. You're genuinely mindful. Research shows that introverts' brains are hardwired to be more sensitive to incoming information and do a thorough job of analyzing it. Making so many mental connections doesn't come as easily to extroverts.

5. You're less likely to hurt someone's feelings. Extroverts are bubbly, outgoing and quick to speak up -- which can sometimes lead to foot-in-mouth syndrome. Not so with introverts, who tend to be slower to react in social situations and put more thought into what they say.

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6. You've got focus to spare. Introverts have a voracious apptite for learning and the ability to hone in on something if it catches their interest. And that's also why...

7. Your creative potential is above and beyond. Solitude is one of the keys to success, yes? So, you've got that going for you. Mixed, of course, with that intense focus and willingness to listen to your own thoughts and feelings.

8. You proceed with caution. Extroverts learn best by doing something -- think of a puppy eagerly romping into a new situation. Introverts are more cat-like. There's lots of observation. And cautiously going over things in their heads. Not until you've figured out what's going on and feel confident to deal will you actually move forward.

9. You're probably super-smart. The majority of gifted people are introverts. And there's evidence introversion increases with IQ. In fact, 75 percent of people with an IQ of 160 or above are introverts.

10. You've got stand-up friends. Extroverts can easily jump from one friend to the next. It takes introverts longer to find someone they can spend time with, not to mention open up to. But when you do, the bond is likely to be strong and lasting.


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