8 Subtle Signs You're Being Lied To (GIFS)

woman watching man lieIf you're like most people, you can't go 10 minutes without lying at least once. And sure, some of those lies are innocent  -- like when you assure your 4-year-old daughter that Santa is real or tell a neighbor that her awful new haircut isn't that bad.


But some lies cut much deeper and CAN be harmful. And in those cases, being able to spot them is a boon.

Here, the surprising signs that someone's telling a fib.

1. No natural pause. If someone asked you what you had for dinner 47 nights ago, you'd likely pause to think about it -- even though you have no idea. But because liars are orchestrating their story, they'll leave out this behavioral delay and immediately blurt out their falsehood.


2. Too much detail. You ask your ex why he was late picking up the kids, and he launches into a crazy detailed story about traffic, the stomach flu, a car that won't start, and a last-minute phone call from his boss. Easy, killer. THAT many specifics and we know you're not telling the truth.


3. A fake smile. Unless you're a trained actor, it's downright hard to fake a smile and make it look REAL. Chances are a liar's timing will be off, they'll hold their grin too long, or their mouth will be smiling but the rest of their facial features won't match.


4. Hiding their eyes. We have an inherent tendency to hide a lie. Liars will go so far as to unconsciously cover their eyes or their mouth. Biting or licking lips is a bad sign, too. It can indicate a spike in anxiety from -- you guessed it -- lying.


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5. Less blinking than normal. On the other hand, some liars will try to hold your gaze way longer than most people. It's a way to try to manipulate you into believing them.

6. Swallowing hard. The same anxiety that triggers a liar's "fight or flight" response can dry out his or her mouth and throat -- hence the uncomfortable, and sometimes audible, swallow you see a perp do on TV when he's being interrogated by cops. (You might get some throat clearing, too.)


7. Being at a loss to answer. If a simple question -- "How cold is it outside?" -- turns your friend into a stuttering, stammering mess, watch it. She could very well be hiding something.


8. Unusual behavior. Watch out for actions out of the ordinary. Posture, hand gestures, how fast or slow someone's talking -- if any of these seem waaaay out of the ordinary, a lie could be in progress.



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