Body-Positive Trainer Resolves to Not Change a Thing -- All of the Yes! (PHOTO)

January marks one of the busiest months of the year for gyms and fitness purveyors, with folks ready to dive into the new year armed with body-firming and size-whittling goals. But one fitness trainer just got real about her own New Year's resolutions on Facebook, and I, for one, totally appreciate the message.


Girls Gone Strong founder Molly Galbraith, a fitness trainer from Lexington, Kentucky, has seen it all in regard to her own body. She admits she's been called too fat, too thin, too masculine, too weak, and has watched her own physique fluctuate through a variety of transformations over the years. It's for this reason she's calling it quits on New Year's resolutions in 2016.

This is my body. This not a before picture. This is not an after picture.This just happens to be what my body looks...

Posted by Molly Galbraith on Friday, January 1, 2016

Posting an unfiltered photo of herself in a bikini, Molly acknowledges that, depending on the person, one might look at her and either admire or scold her figure. There are actually people who may question her credentials as a fitness trainer. But her body is the only one she's got -- and this year she's going to love and appreciate it instead of trying to change it.

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As I read the post I find her words inspiring, and I want to champion her message because, yes, we should all be able to feel that way about our bodies. I wholeheartedly support the body-positive movement that has slowly started to change the conversation about the way we perceive ourselves and others. 

Absolutely everything Molly says in her post is something that hits home in some way. But while I would kill to have that mentality, I would still kill to be more fit. I can't help but continue to associate the idea of a better me meaning a trimmer me. A stronger but still smaller me.

That's why messages like these are so important and need to be spread repeatedly. I frequently write about body-positive champions whose stories might sound a bit repetitive, because it's so easy to fall off course. I don't mean in terms of trying to achieve the perfect body, but in trying to remember that our bodies tell our history. That's what makes them beautiful no matter the shape or size.

Unfortunately, it's not easy to just flip a switch and say, "I love myself today." It's a process, and one we have to continually chip away at, just like getting out of bed an hour and a half earlier each morning to hit a spin or barre class is a routine I work hard to fall into. 

So, this year, even if your New Year's resolution is to love your body as it is, not what it could be, go easy on yourself. Remember that relationships are hard, and that includes the one with yourself. But, hopefully, if we keep working at it, we'll be able to toss aside the "love my body" resolutions, too, because it will finally be something that just comes naturally.


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