10 Simple Ways You Can Set Yourself Up to Hit Your Goal Weight (PHOTOS)

woman eating healthy foodWhen you become determined to lose weight, it's not just your body and your diet you've got to pay closer attention to. It's your HOME.

We're creatures of habit, after all, and if you don't change your everyday setting, you're going to run into trouble when it comes to overhauling your lifestyle. Here, 10 easy things you can do to make your home-sweet-home a visually healthier place to live -- and more conducive to making that resolution a reality!



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  • Pay Closer Attention to Your Counters


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    According to a Cornell study, what you see affects how much you weigh. Women who keep a bowl of fruit on their kitchen counter weighed 13 pounds less than those with anything else on display -- even an appliance like a toaster. Counter items associated with the most weight gain? Not surprisingly, candy, cereal, and soda.

  • Prep Healthy Foods BEFORE You're Hungry


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    When you're starving and late for work / school drop-off / life in general, you're NOT going to take the time to prepare a healthy salad or chop up veggies for a stir-fry. Plan ahead for the week and make Sunday afternoon your designated chopping time. Then, keep veggies in an easy-to-grab spot in your fridge.

  • Toss the Temptations


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    Yeah, you probably know exactly where all that leftover Christmas/Halloween candy is. And no matter how healthy you're trying to eat, it's still going to be calling to you. Don't let it. Toss or give away all the unhealthy crap BEFORE you toss it into your mouth.

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  • Store Leftovers in Single Servings


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    Allllll that leftover lasagna? Don't just dump it into a huge pan where it becomes a free-for-all buffet in your fridge. Portion it out into single-serving containers for future meals AND to remind your brain when to stop eating.

  • Take Your Fruits & Veggies Out


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    The crisper is like No Man's Land in your fridge. Once produce goes in, it might not come out. (And if it does, it might not be in any shape you want to eat.) How to fix that: Keep fruits and veggies on an eye-level shelf so they're easy to see and eat. Then, take your most calorie-dense foods and hide THEM away instead.

  • Fill Up on Water


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    Fill a pitcher with H2O and keep it ready to go on the table. (Add some slices of lemon, lime, or cucumber to make it even more appealing.) Drinking water before every meal helps you maintain a healthy weight since it tamps down feelings of hunger. Bottoms up! 

  • Lose the Big Plates


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    According to another Cornell study, the larger the plate, the larger your stomach becomes. Or to be more precise, the MORE food you're likely to chow down. Lose the oversized plates and bowls and eat off salad plates or out of dessert bowls instead. Your brain will be fooled into thinking the small serving is way bigger than it really is so you'll still feel satiated.

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  • Turn Off the TV During Dinner


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    And breakfast. And lunch. An analysis of two dozen studies in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that "distracted eating" was linked to ingesting not only more calories during mealtime, but all other hours of the day, too. (You don't really need to snack during The Walking Dead now, do you?)

  • Don't Fan-Girl Food Network So Hard


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    Cupcake Wars. Chopped. America's Test Kitchen. Cooking shows are EVERYWHERE, and they're not only encouraging you to know the difference between braising and broiling. Fans of cooking shows tend to weigh 10 pounds MORE than people who watch other types of shows. The reason? Trying out those rich calorie-bombs of recipes, doled out in big "family-style" servings. If you must watch and try-this-at-home, save the heavier fare for special occasions.

  • Clean Out Your Closet


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    Clutter adds to stress, stress hormones make you overeat, and voilà! Suddenly, you've packed on the pounds. Plus, clutter's a sign you're not being mindful about what's in your life -- including your meals. Clean out your closets, garage, basement, etc., and you might be more careful about your eating habits.

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