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8 True Stories of Female Friendships Turned Stalkery

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They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But where is the line between imitation, being a copycat, and the slightly scary feeling that someone is trying to become YOU?

From mild to super creepy, these are real-life stories of friendships that ended up being a whole lot more than the women in this story bargained for. Some names and locations have been changed by request.


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1The Dancers

"When I was growing up, I was super into dance. I met E. at summer dance camp and we became pen pals. Fast-forward to college and I went to a big university to major in dance. I was stunned to see E. in my first dance class. She'd never told me that she was even applying there!

What was even weirder is that she turned up in my math class and my history class as well. She's basically figured out my whole schedule and signed up for the same exact schedule. Without ever talking to me about it. When I asked her about it, she pretended it was a totally fun coincidence. It was so weird.

She ended up rushing the same sorority as me. I felt like she was following me all over campus." -- Mandy R., Sedona, Arizona

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2Parallel Lives

"I met another mom in an online group for moms of babies born in August. We chatted online and then became Facebook friends. I first noticed something was odd when I threw my daughter a themed first birthday party and then three weeks later she used the same exact theme. Then I posted some pictures from a family photo shoot and a month later she posted photos using the almost exact same poses and wearing an outfit that was just like mine. I tried not to be weird about it (and I know I'm not the only one rocking leggings and boots in a photo) but then I discovered that she was plagiarizing my family blog.

She was lifting whole blog entries and just changing the details to fit her family. It was creepy and when I called her on it, she said that I had no right to be upset because if I put it online, it was fair game. Okay, weirdo." -- Nancy K., Chicago, Illinois

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3Baby Baby

"My former college roommate and I kept in touch after graduation and were delighted when we found out that we were pregnant at the same time. We texted back and forth about all sorts of pregnancy stuff and she was even one of the very few people I told our baby name too.

She had her son three weeks before I gave birth and the heifer stole my baby name! The name was very unique and had two middle names, both to honor family members. She took the whole thing! I about died when I saw the announcement on Facebook. We have enough people in common that I felt like we HAD to pick another name. I'm still annoyed about it." -- Name Withheld

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4Copycat Wedding

"One of my best friends is brilliant but a bit socially awkward. I thought she'd be single forever but she ended up meeting a perfect guy on an online video game chat room thing. They decided to get married and she was totally overwhelmed and not into it. Parties aren't her thing. Planning social events isn't her thing. Dresses? Not her thing.

I gave her the name of our wedding planner and I guess my friend basically said 'give me the Sarah wedding' because it ended up being in our same location, same photographer, same florist. It felt like déjà vu when I showed up for my bridesmaid dress fitting and saw she was using the same dresses I used.

I just had to laugh because she totally wasn't trying to Single White Female me, but she just didn't want to have to make wedding decisions." -- Sarah V., Jackson, Mississippi

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5Sisterly Love

"My [partner] and his sister were always very close, so I was a little nervous about meeting her at first. But she was very sweet and welcoming and we became close. What was weird was that she got really mad when I announced I was pregnant. She felt like I should have told her that we were trying for a baby so that she and her husband could try too.

Apparently she really wanted our kids to be the same age so they could grow up as close cousins. She got pregnant three months after we told the family.

Now she is bugging me to find out when we are going to have #2. That is weird, right?" -- Name Withheld


6The Mentor

"I was put in charge of mentoring a new employee at our company. She was very young and nervous but bright and had lots of potential, so I was glad to work with her.

We were talking once and she blurted out that she wanted to follow my path and have my job someday. This wasn't odd, but when she showed up at work having dyed her hair the same color as mine, that raised my eyebrows.

Then she got glasses like mine. And started dressing like me. I felt like I had a little mini-me at work." -- Gayle M., Baltimore, Maryland

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7Identity Theft

"Okay, this is a creepy story from a few years ago. I'm a fitness blogger, and I have a pretty big social media presence and have some sponsors. I love to run and I post a lot about races that I've done and my times and stuff like that.

One day, I got an email from a reader asking why I hadn't posted about the race I did that weekend. I told her I didn't do a race, and she sent me a screen shot of my name and hometown listed in a 5K with a time that was MUCH slower than I run.

I shook it off as a strange thing (my name isn't that common) but then it happened again. And again. Someone was using my name and hometown to register for races and was running them really slowly.

Eventually I figured out that it was someone that I was friends with in the fitness blogging community. She denies it, but I think she was trying to make it look like I was lying about my times or trying to make me lose sponsors. After I called her on it, it stopped and most of my readers never knew it happened. But I still see her online and it creeps me out." -- Name Withheld


8Friendly Ex

"I met my husband about three years after his divorce so I had nothing to do with it. I met his ex about six months after we started dating and she seemed nice and friendly, as far as an ex-wife could be.

A few years passed and my husband and I got married. She and I became friends on Facebook and I started to notice that she was changing her appearance a little bit. She grew out her hair so it was the same length as mine. She got contacts. She started running a few months after I posted pictures of me finishing a half-marathon.

I can't be sure, but I can't shake the feeling that she is trying to be more like me. I can't help but think she wants him back and thinks copying me is the way to do it." -- Kayla W., Phoenix, Arizona

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