7 Signs Your Brain Is All Hopped Up on Christmas Spirit (GIFS)

woman with holiday spiritThis time of year, EVERYONE's talking about holiday spirit, or how you should "get into it." Total cliché, right? Well, a recent tongue-in-cheek study will certainly have elves at the North Pole weeping with joy. Ladies, gentlemen, and humbugs -- Christmas spirit is real.


Danish researchers were apparently flummoxed by how millions of people have a "Christmas spirit deficiency." So, they did an experiment where they scanned people's brains while they viewed Christmas images. 

Ten of the participants liked Christmas and celebrated it. The other 10 were self-proclaimed humbugs. Lo and behold, FIVE areas of the brain were more active in the Christmas-oriented people, including an area associated with spirituality.

Boom. Christmas spirit exists! (And no, none of the scientists had a last name of Claus.)

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But there's feeling the spirit of the season, and then, there's really feeling it! Here, seven signs other than a brain scan that you have a serious case of Christmas spirit:

1. Spending too much time on Pinterest looking at pretty gift-wrapping ideas has taken a toll on your eyesight -- not to mention sleep. Darn blue light!


2. Eggnog has replaced creamer in your coffee. (But calories don't count until January, right?)


3. Forget your usual gym workout! The main way you're burning calories these days is by trimming the tree and eating cookies! Woohoo!


4. You've been wearing your red Santa hat so often that even your hair is starting to feel the holiday spirit.


5. No matter where you go, you have a ringing in your ears that sounds suspiciously like Mariah Carey singing "Merry Christmas, Baby."


6. You're no longer brushing your teeth with toothpaste, 'cuz you've got that whole oral hygiene thing covered with candy canes. (They're both peppermint, so what's the diff?!)


7. You're beginning to, um, LOOK a lot like Christmas.



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