12 Women Share Their Best Calorie-Burning Secrets for 'Earning' Those Holiday Splurges

Traditionally, December is the month to eat too much pie and January is the month to worry about it, but if you play little trading games with yourself to "earn" extra desserts, you're not alone. 

We talked to women about the extra exercises they do to to feel better about the all that cake they're eating over the holidays, and we can so relate to all their answers. We bet you will too!


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  • Balling


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    "My siblings and I always play basketball in the driveway. It usually becomes way more competitive than we meant it to, but it's a fun way to burn off all those extra treats!" -- Jessica J., Glen Burnie, Maryland

  • Walk Off


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    "We always get moving after the meal. My favorite thing to do is go for a long walk with friends and family." -- Christina M., Clearwater, Florida

  • Stick to What You Know


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    "Consistency is key during the holidays! I try to stick with my normal working-out schedule, whether that be working out every morning or every other day." -- Danielle F., Clifton, New Jersey

  • Double Down


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    "I've added another 30 minutes on the treadmill, so 30 minutes on the treadmill, an hour of weights, and the second 30 minutes on the treadmill. I've been steadily building up the weight, too!" -- Debra B., Sierra Vista, Arizona

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  • Twisted Sister


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    "Yoga -- lots of twisting (helps with digestion), walking, and meditation -- gotta keep the peace!" -- Jeanne P., Midland Park, New Jersey

  • Shake It Off


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    "I workout with my Just Dance 2 Wii game when I overindulge on sweets!" -- Regina H., DeSoto, Missouri

  • Dreaded Tread


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    "While I usually run super early in the morning, I'm just too overloaded this holiday season, so I'm forcing myself to go to the gym at night and hit the dread-mill. It's not nearly as enjoyable as running outside, but I need the extra sleep this time of year, especially mornings after holiday parties." -- Julie E., Orlando, Florida

  • Gym time


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    "I'm already a gym rat as it, so whenever an 'eating holiday' rolls around, I up my workouts -- from four to five or six days a week. It might not burn off everything, but at least I tried!" -- Tanvier P., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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  • Jump on It


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    "I jump on my mini trampoline or do a 10- to 20-minute tabata workout on YouTube! Fast, challenging, and fun! Makes me a good sore next day while I'm dreaming up holiday treats to bake ... or not to bake -- either way!" -- Emmie B., Portland, Oregon

  • Plus Fifteen


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    "I increase my daily exercise routine by 15 minutes ... and do an extra set ... and I try to be extra picky on what I splurge on!" -- Anonymous

  • Walk About


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    "The combo of calories from both wine and dessert is overkill, but I still want to enjoy both during Hanukkah celebrations -- yep, those eight days take a toll! -- [so] I set a goal to do at least one daily 30-minute walk in addition to my regular workout. And when I can't get to the gym, I walk once in the a.m. and once in the p.m. Not a bad way to start the day or work up an appetite for dinner and bank some extra calories for those sweet splurges." -- Maressa B., Fair Lawn, New Jersey

  • To the Table


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    "I run to the table!" -- Anonymous

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