Seeing Plus-Size Models Everywhere Is Only Making Us Get Fatter

dove adOMG, you guys! Did you hear? All this time, advertisers have been airbrushing malnourished models to help us. See, a group of researchers is trying to sell the idea that seeing plus-size models saps motivation to be healthy. Oh, so, it's not the tacos after all. It's the Dove ads! What a hot, steaming pile of garbage.


Lily Lin, PhD, co-authored the study that essentially boils down to this: When we see ads that Lin calls "acceptance" ads, it drains us of our willpower, and we give up and just eat whatever we want and get fat as opposed to denying ourselves carbs and putting on waist trainers and waxing our lady bits.

So, being self-conscious about how we stack up to women airbrushed to skeletal perfection is ... good for us?

First of all, if looking at advertisements and media featuring thin women made us thin, then we'd all be in Taylor Swift pencil pants and crop tops. For every one Lane Bryant ad, there are about 100 with perfectly pin-thin chicks with shiny hair and hopelessly sparkling white toothy grins. If seeing fat models makes us fat, why isn't the opposite true?

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Second, calling ads featuring realistic women "acceptance" ads is completely insulting. Who exactly is accepting what? Do I just need to "accept" that my body is a hideous mess? Or is it the world of advertising and media that has finally sighed and shrugged and admitted that even with all their powers, I couldn't be saved from my own muffin top? The job was just too big for them.

This is just another example of that same old tired line women are fed a constant diet of across media, time, and space. That we are failures that simply lack the proper amount of "motivation" to get to the magic beauty ideal. Just fight your metabolism, genetics, and nature a little harder. Oh, and buy a little help along the way from our sponsors.

Yes, larger body types are, in fact, real and normal. There are plenty of reasons why: mass production of food, food deserts, working hunched over a desk all day, environmental toxins, etc. We're getting fatter as a society. But I'm confident none of those have anything to do with seeing zaftig chicks in the occasional marketing campaign.

Eventually, let's hope this stuff stops working on us. That one day our BMI will simply be a health statistic -- rather than an estimation of our total value. In the meantime, if you need me, I'll be checking out a little Gigi Hadid marketing thinspo and eating my lunch. All this eye-rolling really works up a girl's appetite!


Image via dove/Instagram

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