Waist Trainers Are Hurting Women More Than We Realize

khloe kardashian waist trainerNext time you're at the gym, the club, or a fancy dinner, look around. See if you can spot all the chicks rocking their waist trainers. They're pretty easy to pick out. They're the ladies with wicked hourglass figures just on the verge of passing out, because their waist trainers are too tight for them to draw oxygen into their lungs.


Smart entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to put a new spin on a very old idea: latex "waist trainer" corsets for chicks to slim their midsections and make them sweat. Then, they paid celebs from Snooki to the Kardashians to convince us that all we needed was a corset to go along with our pizza to look bangin'. And it worked.

I'm really obsessed with waist training! Thank you @premadonna87 for my new waist shapers! #whatsawaist

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Now, waist trainers are everywhere, continuing the age-old cycle of tricking women into punishing themselves, and potentially causing long-term damage to their bodies, all in the name of looking sexy.

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Because, see, just like corsets, waist trainers can be pretty dangerous. Oh, and it doesn't actually give you any long-term benefit, only potential damage to your body. Take this snap of Khloe Kardashian. Like, where is her liver and stuff when her midsection is squeezed this tiny?

Emergency physician and host of The Doctors, Travis Stork, MD, tells The Stir there's all kinds of harm a waist trainer can do to your body.

"By forcefully constricting the midsection of the body, you could potentially harm the major internal organs that reside in that region," Dr. Travis explains. "Just as importantly, your diaphragm, which allows your lungs to expand and contract, can't do its job.”

Is anyone else totally depressed by this? For all of our strides toward equality, women haven't really evolved past embracing a technology that was dismissed as ridiculous 500 years ago in the name of re-shaping our bodies into a sexier silhouette. And we're all guilty of it.

Who among us hasn't bought a new shade of lipstick with complete faith that the results will be nothing short of life changing? We're constantly sold this big fat lie, that if we can just "fix" ourselves up a bit, then and only then will we achieve true happiness.

The waist trainer is a dubious beauty trend in a long proud line of painful flops, from foot binding to the Epilady. And there doesn't seem to be any sign of anything changing anytime soon.

And so, no shade on any lady who decides to jump into the waist-trainer craze thigh deep. But remember, you're beautiful just as you are. No fainting or indigestion required.


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