10 Unconventional Places Moms Can Work on Their Fitness

mom exercising with babyStaying fit feels like a full-time job, and let's face it ... nobody has time for that. Which is why moms need to get creative with when and where we fit in a little exercise. Here are some of the more unconventional places to get a workout.


These tips go beyond joining a gym or even getting up early. Sometimes those things just aren't an option. Here is how to instead focus on sneaking in some healthy routines in unexpected and random places.

1. At the playground. I'm guilty of sitting on the bench with my coffee and watching my kids play -- anyone else? Instead, try joining in. Use the monkey bars to really stretch. Walk the balance beam in your best posture. Or keep sitting on that bench while stretching your legs out in repetitions.

2. On the couch. While the couch is often the place for rest and vegging out while watching your favorite show, it can also be a spot for meditation with the TV off. This allows your body to recharge, a key in staying fit. You can also sit and stretch out your body, even practice arm circles during commercials.

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3. In the kitchen. When you have food in the microwave or are waiting for a teapot to whistle, most often you are like me and find something else to clean while you wait. Instead of that, do squats.

4. In the shower. While waiting for your conditioner to sink in, do calf raises. Really squeeze your muscles as you do, focusing on balance from your core.

5. At your desk. Posture while sitting at a desk often suffers. Focus on sitting up straight -- pretend you are a marionette and a string is pulling you up from the center of the top of your head. Take the time to work on kegels and also squeezing your glutes to keep your backside fit.

6. In the kids' room. Getting your kids involved can help you fit a workout in whether you are stretching and exercising with them or just around them. When they are involved, it can make the workout time pass faster, making it not feel so labor or time intensive.

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7. On the stairs. A good rule of thumb is to always take the stairs -- and I don't just mean at your home (though you can use those stairs for aerobic workouts, too). At the mall, at the office, any time there is an elevator option, opt instead for the steps.

8. In the laundry room. Sometimes we need a few minutes alone to fit in getting fit. When in the laundry room, use the washer or dryer cycle time to fit in at least 10, 15, or even 20 minutes of working up a sweat. Use the heavy laundry detergent as a weight to work out your arms and while doing squats.

9. In the car during school pickup. Even if you are only waiting for five minutes, you could get in five great minutes of glute squeezes during this time.

10. Outside your door. The first step is taking the first step ... right outside your door is a gym. Just walk. Around the block. To the store. To get your coffee. Head out 15 minutes before the bus drops off your kids and just walk around the house for that time -- it will all add up in improving your health and upping your fitness routine.


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