11 Health & Fitness Gifts to Inspire Gym Rats & Newbies Alike

Maressa Brown | Nov 23, 2015 Healthy Living

health and fitness giftsYour BFF loves to run. Your sister swears by spinning. Your mom's been getting meditative on the yoga mat. Sure, New Year's has the "healthy" holiday rep, but lots of women on your gift list prioritize fitness year round, so there's no need to wait 'til resolutions are made to give them what they really want.

Here, 11 of heart-palpitating, sweat-wicking, healthy lifestyle–tracking picks for the most #fitspo ladies you know. 

Images via (clockwise from top left) dailygreatness.co, spire.io, mycustomyogamat.com, plated.com, swellbottle.com, walmart.com

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