I Quit Drinking Wine for 10 Days -- Here's Why I'll Never Do That Again ...

woman reading and drinking wine on couchHere's the thing about me -- I like wine. I like it a lot. It's an indulgence I look forward to every evening to help mellow out a stressful day while catching up with girlfriends or having that elusive date night with my husband. A glass (or two) of wine is typically a part of my day everyday, and I like it that way.


But even the bigggest wine enthusiasts, like myself, need a breather every so often. I recently wrapped up a celebratory weekend that had been a particularly indulgent one for me, so I was in need of a break. For this reason, I self-imposed a 10-day no-wine challenge.

Of course, my vacation from wine did elicit some cracks from my husband, which I was totally prepared for, such as, "We're in the middle of a drought in California! How will the rest of us survive if you replace your wine intake with water?"


Admittedly, the first five days were particularly nice. I felt lighter (no wine bloat), which definitely put more of a skip in my step during the day.

My evenings were a lot more productive in terms of getting work done. It's pretty amazing how tired a glass or two of wine can make me feel at the end of the day. Without my nightly drink, I could power through some extra editing and writing projects that normally would have waited until the next day.

But to that, I also found I was sleeping more peacefully. Well, as peacefully as one can when your 3-year-old insists on tunneling his way into your bed nightly, kicking and pushing you to the edges until you find you're clinging on for dear life. But I digress ...

By the time I hit day six, I felt in it to win it.

Sure, I noticed that I had been eating a lot more chocolate over the course of the week (a girl's gotta live a little, you know!), but I didn't even miss my nightly glass (or, ahem, two) of wine. Except it was now Saturday and the day of my dear friend's birthday. And not just any friend, my main wine-drinking companion. This was going to be my true test.

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My friend Christel and I were the first to arrive to the festivities. When Ana, the birthday girl and fellow wine enabler, offered us drinks, I proudly requested a soda.

"Wow, you're really taking this no-wine thing seriously," she commented. "Do you want vodka?"

No, that felt like a loophole and so not worth it. I then proceeded to drink my weight in Dr Pepper Ten while everyone around me sipped glasses of bold reds and crisp whites.

Inevitably when my friend Sarah learned via text that I wasn't drinking at the party, she asked, "Why? Are you pregnant?"

No, smart-ass.

I'm just a responsible grown-up choosing to not drink wine. Not going to lie -- I felt a little too proud of myself leaving that party free of any wine intake. Although I did go home and make some tater tots (again, a girl's gotta have some indulgences in life).

By the penultimate night, I was truly over this experiment. I really could have gone for a glass of prosecco or chardonnay, but I had come too far to give up now, and so, I crossed the finish line into day 10.

And, let me tell you, the very next day my first glass of wine back never tasted so good. While I'll still take breaks from the good stuff, I probably won't force myself into a time-sanctioned wine hiatus ever again. As long as I'm drinking responsibly, that nightly glass is a lovely stress-reliever at the end of a busy day. I feel like that benefit alone is worth a little wine bloat the next morning. It forces me to stop and take a moment for myself. And we could all use a little more of that.



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