20 Signs You're a Yoga-Obsessed Mom #EveryDamnDay (GIFS)

yoga Yoga is addicting. I get that. And it's a good thing to be addicted to. All those ohms and namastes and the stretches and how it makes your body feel so good and strong ... excuse me while I get into Lotus.


Some of us are obsessed -- and you know that you are if any of the following apply.

1. You post so many yoga pictures, your friends have stopped following you on Instagram. But you are gaining so many yogis and yoginis as friends!

2. You yoga wherever you go. Supermarket. School functions. Bathroom.

3. You believe yoga is the new sex; the new tantra. It's so enlightening.

4. You even yoga while on vacation and have taken photos of it. You were in Tadasana in front of Niagra Falls.

5. You have yoga toes. And you are proud of them.

6. You stopped shaving your armpits. Because.

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7. You are yoga smug. You have no ideas why your friends aren't doing yoga because it is the best thing in the world.

8. You think yoga cures everything. I mean, it does. Right?

9. You use hashtags like #yogaeverydamnday.

10. Your kids are doing yoga with you, too. And they are so much better little people than before.

11. Even your pets are doing yoga. They are excelling at downward dog especially.

12. You do yoga in heels just because you can. And even though you probably shouldn't.

13. You have several yoga mats to match with the color of your aura that day.

14. You have more yoga pants than regular pants. And you wear them everywhere, because you yoga everywhere and #everydamnday.

15. You've replaced the word "home" with "ohm." For example when you tell your kids you have to go home from a playdate, you lose yourself in the moment and instead say: "Let's go oooohhhhhmmmmmmm."

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16. You see yoga everywhere in everything. A pretzel, a knot. Spock.

17. You have at least one yoga-inspired tattoo. Or at the very least a t-shirt.

18. You recruit. 

19. You have learned how to maintain your inner peace and hold a pose even when someone else is being yoga-ridiculous. You are a meditative master.

20. You say namaste to everyone now. And you bow.


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Image via Dave Rosenblum/Flickr and commons.wikimedia.org

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