10 Fascinating Scientific Facts About Brunettes

smiling brunetteBlondes have more fun, eh? We hear it all the time, but weirdly, research doesn't necessarily bear that out. Brown hair -- yes, even a mousy Nanny McPhee shade -- has more charm than you might think.


How do we know?

We've locked down 10 science-based facts every brown-haired gal should know. Keep reading to learn 'em.

1. Thank your fam for brown tresses. Eumelanin is a type of pigment, and how much you have is determined by your family history. Basically, the more eumelanin genes you have that are turned on, the darker the shade.

2. ... which means you'll have a hella time quitting smoking. Who knew there was a weird connection between quitting smoking and hair color? Apparently, all that melanin brunettes naturally have prevents their liver from metabolizing (or breaking down) nicotine in a timely manner. And the longer nicotine stays in your system, the more likely you are to get addicted.

3. Men find brunettes more attractive. In a 2011 study done in the UK, researchers showed men pics of the same woman but with different shades of hair (red, blonde, and brown). When asked to choose the most attractive image, most participants chose -- you guessed it -- the brown-haired girls.

4. ... and intelligent. Blondes have a rep for being ditzy; not so for brunettes. The same study showed that men think brown-haired babes are smart, competent, and approachable.

5. All that cool confidence has a slight drawback. Men also tend to label brunettes as "less approachable" than blondes.

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6. But brunettes are the woman of choice when it comes to long-term love. A survey of 3,000 men found that they'd rather be monogamous with a woman with brown hair than one with blonde. (Maybe that's why Kim K. always goes back to her natural hair color?)

7. The most gorgeous people in the world are brunette. (They're not real, FYI.) An expert in facial mapping spent two months asking people to describe the "perfect" face to him. Then, he put together composites using a sophisticated computer software that UK police usually use. The most beautiful man and woman in the world were both brunette. (In case you were wondering, the woman resembled Natalie Portman, the man a cross of David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, AND Brad Pitt.) 

8. Brunettes are more likely to suffer hair loss. File this one under "unfortunately true." Because brown hair tends to be coarser and thicker than other shades, you physically have less strands. When/if your hair follicles die off, thinning patches are more noticeable. In fact, more than half of all women with hair loss are brunettes.

9. Tattoos go better with brown hair. One study found that people tend to be less judgmental about brunettes' body art than ink on blondes and redheads. We do not know, however, if that holds true for tramp stamps of, say, Daffy Duck.

10. Going gray is harder for brunettes. The reason? Silver or gray hair stands out more next to brown locks. The consolation? Once you DO start going gray, it can take over 10 years for your entire head to change shades. So, enjoy that brown hair while it lasts.


Image via © iStock.com/Anna Bryukhanova

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