18 Ways Moms Can Squeeze a Quick Calorie-Burn Into a Busy Day

mom doing a plank with babyBetween your kids, partner, and trying to keep up with a schedule, it's so easy to throw exercise on the backburner. After all, you have a family to take care of! No matter how hard you try to run from it, staying fit is important to both your mental and physical health.


Dust off those gym shoes -- it's time to get started. Here, 18 tips for mommies to work in a calorie burn through a regular day.

1. Get up early. I know, I know. Waking up early is sooo not what you wanted to hear -- but it could be one of the only times during the day you can afford to dedicate time to working out. Look for an early a.m. bootcamp, or stay committed to putting in at least 30 minutes in the gym.

2. Drop your kids off at the bus stop, and keep on walking. Even if you can fit in a few laps around the neighborhood, it's certainly better than nothing.

3. Consider wearing ankle weights around the house. No, really, they can make a difference.

4. Do calisthentics between cooking and chores. Throw in a few squats as you wait for the food in the microwave to heat up. Do some lunges while you sweep. The point is to keep moving at all times, as much as possible.

5. Try an app. There are tons of smartphone apps that practically equip you with your own personal trainer. Skimble is one that allows you to map out your daily workouts, and has a diverse library of exercises -- broken down by target area, and materials used (weights, body weight).

6. Turn on a game console. Who says that Xbox, Playstation, Wii, and other gaming systems are just for kids? Purchase a fitness "game" or workout you can try while the children are away.

7. Look to YouTube for your next workout. No, seriously. This social media platform has full-length fitness activities -- including yoga, pilates, Zumba routines, and more -- for you to do in the comfort of your own home. BeFiT is just one example of all the options at your fingertips.

8. Consider a quick Instagram workout. Why, didn't you know there are people with Instagram accounts who just love to post easy workouts you can do whenever you have time? Even if you only have a few minutes in your schedule, at least you're using them to get in shape.

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9. Go old school with a DVD. There's nothing wrong with dusting off that Jane Fonda workout. Your living room can easily transform into a personal training space (just remember to open up a window).

10. Use your child as a weight. If you're constantly around your little ones throughout the day, think of them as a cute dumbell. Use your son or daughter for a chest press session on the floor, on your back for deep squats, or those coveted bicep curls. They'll love it!

11. Find a fitness center with child care. These days, most gyms and fitness facilities offer some sort of child care -- even for babies. Check around your area for options that would make working out more of a reality.

12. Team up with fellow mom friends. Do you have a fellow mom friend on the same health mission as you? If so, take turns watching each other's child, so the mom of the hour can work out. Team work makes the dream work.

13. Join a Meetup group. If you have no idea what Meetup.com is, honey, you're missing out. Search for fitness and/or mommy groups around town. These groups will allow you to sync up with others trying to be about that exercise life. Who knows, you might stumble across a group that can turn a stroller into a crazy ab roller.

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14. Exercise during TV shows. Make room in front of the television to stretch, do push-ups, squats, lunges, crunches, or whatever else comes to mind.

15. Revamp child's play. Remember that kid's song, "Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes"? Sing it to your little one ... but with a twist. Touch your head, touch your shoulders, do a burpee (add a push-up at the bottom, only if you feel like G.I. Jane), and jump for the sky. You can sing the original tune to your little one as you add in this challenging routine. Think of other ways you can make playtime with your child more fitness friendly.

16. Take your show on the road. Get out of the house by packing up your child, and heading to the park. If you're up for it, you can try to go for a light jog -- and if your park happens to have those workout stations, stop and try them out.

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17. Use your lunch break to try a fitness class. Search the Internet for businesses around your job that have a quick workout you can try. In some cases, you might find a few that cater to the lunch rush.

18. Hire a virtual trainer. Believe it or not, you can hire a professional to train you in your own home -- without having to scream at you from your sofa. Many virtual trainers don't costs an arm and a leg, but have no problem helping you work yours out.


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