10 Things Only Women Who Love Winter Understand (GIFS)

Woman happy about winterThere are two types of folks in this world: the summer people and the winter people. Trying to argue your position is a losing battle, to be sure -- but it is a noble fight nonetheless.


Sure, summer has its moments. You can overdose on ice cream and all the glorious in-season fruits (mmm, cherries and white nectarines). Winter, though? Ah, there are some joys that only a winter person can truly understand ...

1. While summer seems to always be working against what you try so hard to maintain -- i.e., your makeup will melt, your hair will frizz, and your clothes will stick -- you always feel clean and cool in wintertime, amirite?



2. BLANKETS. ALL THE BLANKETS. Sleeping with a flimsy sheet during the hot months never feels like sleep at all, now does it? But when it gets cold out, you can finally become the human burrito you've dreamt about being all summer.

( ... or puppy burrito, in this case.)


3. There's that warm-and-fuzzy feeling you get when you finally get to break out the hot tea again. Ice teas and coffees might be all well and good in summer, but hot tea is basically the drink equivalent of a good book and a fireplace and all kinds of snuggle-icious snuggleness. It brings ALL the joy.

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4. In the wintertime, if you're cold, you can always add on another layer or bury yourself under a fort of pillows and other snuggly things. But what, pray tell, can you do when it's summertime and you're boiling from the heat and there's nothing more you can take off? Nothing, and so winter wins again.


5. Winter levels the playing field -- everyone ends up looking like marshmallows in their puffer jackets. It's a glorious time! What's a beach body anyway? No one notices or cares in winter!


6. Scalding hot baths and showers that nearly take your skin off are A-OK in wintertime. If you try this in summer, you'll be sweating before you've even finished towel-drying, and you won't be able to distinguish between what is water and what is sweat. In winter, hot baths will have you like ...


7. In the winter, all the bugs seem to magically disappear. What's that dark spot on the carpet?! Why, it's a piece of fuzzy sock lint, is all! But in the summertime ... oh, in the summer you are suceceptible to an eight-legged hidden attack at any time, in any place -- no room in your home is safe ...



8. A little snow in the forecast is nothing to get freaked out over, says you! Come on now, people -- when did we all become such scaredy-cats?


9. The lights! All the LIGHTS! Even the most Scrooge-hearted of us all has to appreciate them, and all the hard work it must take to put on such a spectacular show for all the neighbors.


10. There is nothing fun or awesome about sweating. And in the summer, that's when you seem to do most of it. In the winter, you can grab your fluffiest robe and make some hot chocolate and binge-watch shows in which good-looking men do all the sweating for you -- particularly whilst they are shirtless. After all, they seem to be the only ones who make sweating fun and awesome -- as evidenced by the star of BBC/PBS's Poldark ...




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