25 Signs You're a Badass CrossFit Mom (GIFS)

CrossFit womanCrossFit's such a popular way of working out that many moms have gotten hooked -- dedicating both their mornings and evenings to the assigned activities for the day.


You know you're a CrossFit mom if any of the following apply ...

1. You're down with the CrossFit lingo. WOD ("workout of the day"). MetCon ("metabolic conditioning"). AMRAP ("as many reps as possible"). Once you've been doing CrossFit for a while, you start to pick up common lingo that's used around the "box" -- including acronyms you associate with different workouts and reps.

2. You're a part of a crew of dedicated individuals. Practically everyone has squad goals these days, but your group of fellow crossfitters is serious about its fitness hustle. There's no "I" in your team, as everyone always speaks in "we." "We" rise to the occasion. "We" don't have time for those pesky workout machines.

To say y'all look intimidating is an understatement.

3. You try to perfect your technique at home. Consider your broomstick your BFF, as you'll use it for more than sweeping. There's also a good chance you watch TV while working on your handstand push-ups against the wall.

4. You pride yourself on knowing your facility has a "puke bucket." Go hard or go home, right? Don't act like you haven't met Pukie the Clown.

5. You have to know what tomorrow's WOD is ... even if it means staying up late.

6. Friends who come with you are scared they'll need a tetanus shot. There's no marble-floors entrance, smoothie stand, or any other luxury you would find at a regular gym (some places might have them, but don't always count on it.). There's dirt, and enough bare bones to build a skeleton. The more gritty your CrossFit facility looks, the better.

7. A PR makes any day brighter. Your house could be on fire right now -- but if you happened to complete a personal record, you probably wouldn't even notice.

8. CrossFit inspired one of your children's names. You know you're a fanatic when one of your kids is named Murph, Fran, Grace, Isabel, Annie, Mary, or Angie.

9. The "sexual" CrossFit terms are no longer funny. There was a time in your earlier days when you thought a snatch and a clean and jerk deserved a laugh -- but not anymore. You're about your business and have no time for silliness.

10. You use playground time to your benefit. Who says you can't get a workout in while your child plays? That horizontal bar looks like a great option to perfect your toes to bar, or kipping pull-ups.

11. When someone tells you they can lift 100 pounds, you laugh. It's not that you're trying to be rude (okay, some of you are), but 100 pounds is no longer heavy to you.

12. Your CrossFit shoe game is on point. Who needs heels when you have three pairs of shoes for training? In fact, there's probably a good chance you'll change kicks during your workout session.

13. If it's not a part of the Paleo diet, you ain't eating it.

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14. Running for you means intervals, not distance. You simply cannot compute a marathon.

15. You're proud of every toned muscle, cut, scrape, and bruise on your body. It's sooo hard for you not to show off the hard work you put in doing CrossFit.

16. Rx'd workouts are just what the doctor ordered. Even though you know there won't be any adjustments to the WOD, you know if you survive, you earned bragging rights.

17. People who don't know you might question if you're a serial killer. Between the callused hands, random chalk everywhere, occasional blood, bruises, and the endless amount of tape you keep in your bag, some might think that's a little ... odd.

18. You don't care who looks at you funny when you use the terms "beast" and "firebreather." Say what you want about CrossFit, but many who consider themselves members of this cult following not only enjoy what they do, but also have no problem encouraging others hoping to find victory.

19. Katniss Everdeen ain't got nothing on the CrossFit Games. No, seriously, they're pretty badass -- and make The Hunger Games look like a preschool gathering.

20. There's a pretty good chance you have something from Rogue.com on your wishlist.

21. Shirts are optional. Don't get it twisted, you have an arsenal of CrossFit attire, but you have no problem rocking a sports bra and short shorts to get the job done.

22. You have been known to flake on your friends to attend CrossFit. Orrrr, sometimes your fellow crossfitters are having some social gathering that you have to attend.

23. You and your boo thang do CrossFit, and can't help but show off your talents.

24. You get confused if your kid says, "3, 2, 1." Calm down. You didn't hear a countdown to a WOD. Your child is simply working on his or her numbers.

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25. You are unapologetic about your love of CrossFit. Sure, there's a good chance you've probably annoyed the crap out of family, friends, and coworkers who can't put you on mute whenever you feel the need to talk about CrossFit -- which is all the time.

You're happy with the results you see, and how CrossFit makes you feel.



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