6 Ways to Sneak More Time With Your Besties into Your Ridiculously Busy Life

woman spending time with friends Everyone loves spending time with friends. But for most busy moms, after tending to the kids, your career, and the never-ending cycle of housework, often there's little time left for catching up.


Irene S. Levine, PhD, psychologist and friendship expert, tackles this issue (and plenty of others) at The Friendship Blog.

"Sometimes, it feels like there isn't a spare minute in the day as we try to balance working, home, and caregiving responsibilities," Levine tells The Stir. "It's easy to toss friendships aside and neglect them, because it almost feels self-indulgent. Nothing could be further from the truth. Having close friends makes us better mothers, wives, lovers, and workers."

She's so right! After even just a quick chat with a friend, you often feel uplifted and refreshed. So, how do you make the time for these much-needed relationships? Levine offers the following suggestions:

1. Book it in advance.

"Schedule time on your calendar for regular girls' nights out and girlfriend getaways," she notes.

It's true. If it's already in your planner, you're more apt to follow through and less likely to cancel if it's a standing, regular commitment. 

2. Make your pal your plus-one.

Going for a haircut, highlights, or even a quick mani-pedi? Bring your friend along, Levine suggests. Syncing your appointments allows you to enjoy some pampering at the same time you're catching up with your bestie. 

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3. Grab an exercise buddy.

Whether you're going out for a walk (with or without your stroller) or working out at the gym, invite your friend to join you. If your BFF lives on the other side of the country, schedule a call and chat while you stride on the treadmill, Levine advises.

4. Take advantage of your kids and pets.

If you don't have a big friend circle or you're looking to expand, Levine says having children or a pet is a great way to make some new pals -- especially in parks, playgrounds, and dog trails.

5. Connect virtually.

"When you can't get together, stay in touch with friends via text, email, phone," says Levine. While it might not be the same, catching up, even if it's over a device, still shows friends you're making the effort and want to be part of their world.

When Charlotte Avallone moved to Los Angeles, she says she was afraid of losing touch with her East Coast pals. To keep her connections strong, she called the ones who were home with kids on her way to work. "It just worked out," she recalled. "I had about 20 minutes free, and they'd have just gotten their little ones down for a nap. Sure, they'd be throwing in a load of laundry or emptying the dishwasher in the background, but who cares? It kept our friendships solid."

6. Involve your friends in your life.

Maybe you and your friends are at different places in your lives. You might be a mom while your BFFs might still be out there partying, or perhaps they're working late hours advancing their careers. No matter which directions your paths have taken, Levine suggests including them in your life whenever possible. Dinners at your home, babysitting for your kids, and celebrating milestones like birthdays are all great ways to keep friends close.

"Recognize that friendships change at different points in our lives," Levine says. "You may not be able to see your friends as regularly, or may be less spontaneous, but it's still important to nurture these relationships and adapt to these changes." 

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