12 Diet Don'ts That Are Slowing Down Your Metabolism

When it comes to weight loss (or even just staying healthy), "metabolism" is a word that's thrown around a lot. We know that people born with a fast metabolism tend to stay at healthy weights because their bodies use the food they consume for energy instead of saving it in fat cells for later. How to get a metabolism like that is a tricky question to answer, but how NOT to get a metabolism like that is a little bit easier.


Basically, there are some foods you see everywhere (and probably consume pretty frequently) that are a killer for your metabolism. They're the hidden threats that are slowing your metabolism waaaay down and adding fat stores to your body that'll be tricky to get off later.

So put down that bowl of low-fat yogurt and granola -- it's not doing you any favors. Here are 12 metabolism-zapping foods to look out for.

what's slowing down your metabolism

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