30 Crazy but Brilliant Ways Moms Can Hit Their Fitbit Goals

woman checking fitbitAs if moms don't already have a ton of things on their plate, here come these activity trackers that are too addictive to throw away. It's okay if you don't have endless hours to dedicate to the gym (welcome to motherhood!), but that doesn't mean you can't meet your daily steps with the help of a few ... creative ideas.


Here, 30 ways to up your steps that will fit right into what you're already doing in your everyday life as a mom ...

1. Get out of bed, pee, get your gym clothes on, grab your purse, put on your sneakers, and walk to the car ... only to go back inside and put everything down, maybe pee again, and get back in bed. Hey, at least you tried to make it to that 5:00 a.m. boot camp.

2. Before the herd wakes up in the morning, find an extra 15-20 minutes to walk around areas where your children aren't sleeping.

3. Put an extra pep in your step as you make breakfast and lunch. If no one's around, feel free to bust a move from back in the day (extra "step points" for the Running Man).

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4. Stand at the kitchen counter/bar and eat your breakfast. You can side-step as you read the paper or a magazine, check Facebook, or watch a morning show.

5. High-knees over to your kids' bedroom doors. You already know how real the struggle is to wake them up -- and might as well get some extra steps in there.

6. Bust in your children's bedroom doors with a super-cool dance you saw on television (or YouTube). Sure, you might look nuts, but at least your kids are awake, and you scored additional "step points." Touchdown!

7. If you have a pet, walk it outside -- possibly taking a light jog here and there to get your steps to the next hundred.

8. Give yourself a small window of time to get ready for the day. Even if being late is a daily reality, the pressure to perform on a time limit will help give you a need for speed.

9. Speaking of speed, if you're able to fit in a 30-minute workout -- during a realistic time for you -- go for a walk, or jog outside. Pace yourself, or try to keep up with someone else.

10. Don't just drop your kids off at school. Get out of the car, walk around to the passenger door, hug your children, and do a 5-step happy dance to show them how "excited" you are for academic success! Kidding. If you're low on your numbers, you can do this to help you get ahead.

11. Any little ones that go to day care need to be walked in, so you don't need pointers here.

For moms who work outside the home ...

12. Once at work, take a parking spot as far away from the front door as possible. Note: You should generally do this when shopping ... unless you have your kids with you and need to make it quick.

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13. Take the stairs (extra "step points" and a possible floor badge).

14. Throw productivity out the window. Okay, so obviously you do need to work, but try not to take shortcuts that will rob you of precious steps. If you need to speak with a coworker, get up and talk to him or her (if you can't stand the person, send an email!).

15. Use your lunch break to go for a quick walk -- even if you packed your own meal.

16. Take "desk breaks" by getting up from your chair to stretch your feet ... and get in a few additional steps. Bonus points to those who can do their work while standing (and two-stepping).

17. Once it's quitting time, walk back to your car and repeat steps 10 and 11 in general as you scoop up your kiddos and head home.

For SAHMs ...

18. There's a strong chance you constantly stay on your feet throughout the day. Between cleaning and taking care of little ones, tap your Fitbit at random times to make sure you're getting closer to your goal.

19. Walk and talk (or text) with a fellow mom friend and/or family member.

20. Should it happen to be a slow day, fold clothes, wash dishes, and do other chores with a few extra steps -- like dancing (it's optional, but always a plus).

21. Map out your shopping route at the store and proceed to take the long way.

22. Get active on your children's playdates. Who doesn't love a good round of "Duck, Duck, Goose" or "Red Light, Green Light"? Or just doing some "interval training" -- from the slide to the monkey bars to the ladders and back! -- on the playground?

23. Meet up with a mom friend on the same quest to reaching 10,000 steps in a day. Y'all can look like fools together, as you talk and step, walk around the mailbox together, and do whatever else it takes to be victorious.

24. Head to the gym. If you have time, try a Zumba class, or some other physical activity that will keep you moving and on your feet. Hopefully this will be enough to hit your goal.

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25. Salsa in the kitchen as you make dinner. You can even ask your partner to dance with you. One might think you're trying to be romantic, but we know what the deal is.

26. Pace back and forth in the living room as you watch your favorite TV show. Who needs the sofa?

27. Chase a child or two around the house. Try to get them to do a few laps around the kitchen for extra steps.

28. Say you forgot to pick something up at the store, and proceed to spend the next 30 minutes walking aisles for no reason.

29. Make a last-ditch effort to get in 3,000 steps before the clock strikes midnight. Everyone should be asleep, so feel free to sprint from all sides of the house -- including a couple U-turns inside the bathroom. Hey, you're down to the wire here. Do what you need to, girl!

30. And if all else fails...

Put your Fitbit on your child (while he or she is still awake). It's not like you didn't try to get all of your steps by yourself. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

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