New Study Claims This Is What People Who Are Effortlessly Thin Eat for Breakfast

If you're tapped in at all to the health world, you've heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It's probably true, but the variety in people's go-to breakfast is massive: For some people it's dairy, while other people go straight to carbs, or fruits, or protein. There's no easy answer to what's the "best" breakfast, but a new study revealed what slim people eat for breakfast, and not everyone is happy to hear it.


The study came from VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland, and looked at a group of people whom they called "mindlessly slim" -- meaning people who stay at a healthy weight with no strict diets or exercise regimens.

The researchers broke down their meals and found that when it comes to breakfast, most focus mainly on fruit (51 percent ate fruit with their breakfast). Dairy was also popular (41 percent) and cold cereal or granola came in third (33 percent).

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It's interesting, to be sure, but the study might be inherently misleading. Allison Hagendorf, the certified health coach behind, says that the study's subjects most likely had ectomorphic body types, meaning they were those lucky souls born into lean and delicate bodies.

Ectomorphs probably aren't going to gain much weight no matter what they eat, notes Hagendorf. For that reason, copying their diets probably isn't the best move for people who gain weight more easily (mesomorphs and endomorphs). Instead, if you're trying to lose or maintain your weight, she suggests protein and healthy fats.

"When you wake up in the morning, your insulin level is at an all-time low," Hagendorf explains. "You're in a fat-burning zone. If you eat protein and healthy fats, you'll keep that insulin level low, but carbohydrates are just going to spike your insulin level."

So, what does that look like in terms of a meal? Eggs cooked in coconut oil with avocado is a great go-to, but some things (like hard-boiled eggs or her healthy frittata) are worth making ahead of time to eat for a quick meal in the morning, she says.

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(Fruit, for the record, is what Hagendorf calls "nature's candy," and does not count as a real meal.)

One thing "mindlessly slim" people have right: the way they view their food. Researchers say these people's habits included "eating high-quality foods, cooking at home, and listening to inner cues." They also tended not to feel guilty about overeating as other groups in the study.

That kind of restrictions-free dieting is the best way to look at your relationship with food, Hagendorf said. She calls it "food freedom," and it's all about finding the food that fuels and satisfies your specific body.

"They're trying to find a one size fits all, and that doesn't exist," Hagendorf said. "Find the balance that works for you."


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