Amy Robach Explains How Cancer Made Her a 'Better' Mom (VIDEO)

In October 2013, Good Morning America host Amy Robach had her first ever mammogram, and it was broadcast on live TV. The idea was to encourage other women to get their own mammograms, but it was this appointment that ended up saving her life. Since Amy's battle with cancer started in such a public way, she decided to tell the rest of her story in a New York Times best-selling memoir, Better: How I Let Go of Control, Held On to Hope, and Found Joy in My Darkest Hour.


Two years after her diagnosis, Better was released with a blessedly happy ending -- Amy survived breast cancer and came out a better mother; a better wife to her husband, Andrew Shue; and a better person.

"The word 'better' and the title of the book came from Amy's daughter Ava," Andrew said. "She wrote a poem, she titled it 'Better,' and at the end she said, 'It has to get worse before it gets better.'"

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The sentiment rings true for anyone fighting his or her own battles, and as Amy has shared her journey so openly, her memoir will hopefully bring authenticity and optimism to others' experiences.

"I wanted to bring women in with me who had been there," Amy said. "But also, I'm hoping to create an understanding for those who haven't experienced it to have an idea, perhaps, of what it's like."

You can watch the rest of Amy's interview with Andrew about her book below, or you can read Amy's beautiful memoir for yourself.


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