Silly #ShowYourStrap Campaign Gets Breast Cancer Survivors Showing Their Scars Instead (PHOTOS)

rose huntington-whitely #showyourstrapBritish retailer Marks and Spencer recently started a breast cancer awareness campaign, urging women to #ShowYourStrap. But some who've battled the disease feel that makes it seem WAAAAY too sexy. And so they've started another campaign, urging survivors to #ShowYourScar.


Of course, Marks and Spencer's intention was good: to remind us all that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Model Rosie Huntington-Whitely teamed up with M&S to promote #ShowYourStrap. She also designed a bunch of bras -- including one for survivors to wear post-surgery -- and 10 percent of sales will go to U.K. charity Breast Cancer Now.

All good, right? And with gorgeous selfies like the one above uploaded to Instagram, what could go wrong?

Well, some breast cancer survivors think the campaign completely misses the mark. The Telegraph shared some comments circulating on social media and they're pretty -- ouch.

"What about the ladies who have lost their breasts and can't wear bras anymore?" one woman wanted to know. Another noted, "I lost mine two years ago and have struggled to find good bras. The last thing I want to do is flash my strap!"

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Hence why many survivors on social media are preferring to use the hashtag #ShowYourScar to raise awareness. The images are affecting, to say the least. Check some of them out.




Comparing these images to the glossy lingerie shot of Rosie H. puts the issue into perspective. Breast cancer ain't pretty, and it's nothing to be glamorized. Perhaps what we've always needed to raise awareness is more brave women like these stepping forward to show what the disease truly looks like.


Images via rosiehw/Instagram

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