Woman Designs Girl Scout–Style Badges for Anyone Who's Survived Fat-Shaming (VIDEO)

Remember that lame "Dear Fat People" video? When a woman named Stacy Bias watched it, she tells Mic.com she woke up the next morning and said to herself, "I should get a merit badge for not flying to Canada and sitting on her!" So, she decided to go ahead and make herself one. And now you can have one, too. They're called "Rad Fatty Merit Badges," and they're perfection.


The idea of a merit badge to acknowledge the abuse fat people -- particularly overweight women -- are subjected to every day struck a nerve with fellow fatties from around the world, and in just eight hours, Rad Fatty Merit Badge Sticker Sheets racked up more than $3,000 in donations.

Here are just a few of the different merit badges Bias thinks fat people have earned.

The sticker sheets sold so quickly, Bias has also been able to launch a series of PINS!

She explains on her Indiegogo fundraising page:

It's no secret that it can be hard out there in a fat body!  Stranger side-eye, fat-shaming doctors, concern trolls, garden furniture (UGH), fashion pressures with limited choices, and let's not even talk about airplanes! Surviving and thriving despite fat stigma is a feat worth acknowledging, and who doesn't love a sticker for positive reinforcement?

Yaaaaas! Here's an opportunity for a group of people -- people who are constantly told they are weak and lazy and should apologize for the most basic act of taking up space -- to have a little reminder that they do matter. That they are beautiful and important and worthy, regardless of what they are constantly being told in a thousand different ways every single day.

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What a lovely response to Nicole Arbour's tirade about how terrible fat people are. Arbour just sat there and spewed derivative crap that fat people hear every day. Bias responded with love for herself, humor, and just a dash of middle finger to anyone who tells her that a person's value is defined by his or her pants size.

So, the next time you start to feel bad about yourself for whatever reason, remember Stacy Bias, who decided the best thing she could do in response to being told she's worthless is love herself harder and louder than the negative voices. We should all do the same.


Image via Stacy Bias & Rad Fatty Merit Badge/Indiegogo

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