Demi Lovato Throws Some Major Shade on Zendaya's Big Barbie Moment

demi lovato selfieDemi Lovato might be a teeny bit jealous of Zendaya Coleman, who was just honored with her own limited-edition Barbie. We can't help but come to that conclusion after Demi's plea for her own "curvy girl" Barbie came off just plain thirsty.


On the other hand, isn't it time that we had a Barbie with a little meat?

Demi took to Twitter to make her case, retweeted by a supporter here. (The former Disney star actually ended up deleting the original tweet later on.)

But social media immediately jumped all over her for making the moment about herself ...


The timing of her plea does make her seem more consumed with envy than interested in empowerment. It probably would have been more appropriate to just congratulate Zendaya.

Still, Demi, who has always been a vocal advocate for body positivity, does make an important point. Women and girls are constantly bombarded with cartoonish representations of what it is to be beautiful, and there's a case for more diversity when it comes to Barbies -- and runway models, cosmetics spokeswomen, etc.

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But it's so refreshing to see Barbie evolving into a brand that can embrace that ideal. Here's hoping for an endless variety of Barbies in all shapes and sizes for our little girls -- and boys -- so they can see a reflection of womanhood beyond a leggy blonde in 3-inch heels driving around in that ridiculous pink convertible.

In the meantime, don't feel too sorry for Demi. In response to the "haters," her fans, who call themselves "Lovatics," swarmed social media with the hashtag #DemiRaiseYourVoice to rally support for a Demi Lovato "curvy" Barbie doll campaign ...

We support her, too. We just wish her timing and strategy had been more on-point.


Image via demilovato/Instagram

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