The Best Natural Deodorants & the Ones That Stink (PHOTOS)

natural deodorantsThe more I learn about the nasty ingredients many beauty products contain, the more I make an effort to be au naturel. A good chunk of my bathroom cabinet is stocked with products I can practically eat, but there's one area I've had a hard time cutting ties with: antiperspirant.


I knoooow, regular deodorant is horrible (aluminum! breast cancer!), but, on the superficial tip, I don't like smelling like a dirty sock. Years ago I gave natural deodorants a shot but never found anything worth getting into a serious relationship with. But now that I'm older and wiser (and more aware of just how bad antiperspirants can be), I decided it was time to toss the antiperspirant for good, hopefully not reeking up my house in the process. 

Looking to go full monty with your chemical-free toiletries (but don't want to smell like you just did CrossFit in the Phoenix sun)? I tested six natural deodorants so you don't have to.

Ladies? I think we have some winners. 


Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber

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