Forget That Emmy -- Amy Schumer Just Scored the 'Best Body' Award (PHOTO)

Amy Schumer gave fans a peek at how she's been celebrating her Emmy victory on Instagram over the weekend. From accepting a "Best Body" award to hitting the beach in a black bikini, Amy shows us, that as usual, she's having the most fun.


She posted this hilariously mock-"shocked" acceptance of the Best Body award -- in what looks like a drugstore off the beach. Check it out.

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A photo posted by @amyschumer on

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Amy is always making jokes about her appearance and her body, but the truth is, she's showing us one goofball image at a time what really makes a woman beautiful, and it has zero to do with her dress size.

Cracking jokes about the completely ridiculous beauty standards imposed on women is kind of Amy's jam. Even her Emmy-nominated "12 Angry Men" sketch, which she wrote and directed, had a room full of A-list actors arguing about whether Amy is "hot enough to be on TV." So it makes perfect sense that Amy, who uses her undeniably razor-sharp wit to mock the media's stupid ideal of what a "best body" looks like, wouldn't miss an opportunity to pose for a snap with that ridiculous trophy.

A beautiful woman is brave and fierce, loves her friends and family, and can fall on the floor laughing. A beautiful woman brings joy to others and lifts up those that need it. Amy reminds us that a body doesn't have to be perfect to be the "best," and it's why we love her so hard. 


Images via amyschumer/Instagram

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