Selena Gomez Has Fat-Shamers to Thank for 'Revival'

selena gomez selfieHow would you respond if people you didn't even KNOW laughed and joked about your weight and made cruel comments about your body? Vow never to leave your house? Cry for days on end? Give up food altogether? Luckily, Selena Gomez chose a far better option. Internet hate became inspiration for Selena's latest album, Revival.


During a recent interview with Extra TV, the 23-year-old actress/ex of Justin Bieber/bestie of Taylor Swift admitted that body-shaming motivated her to write a bunch of new songs that will be getting airplay soon.

"I was getting a lot of hate for my body and 'you're gaining weight,'' Selena said. "...I would be lying to you if I said it didn't hurt my feelings, but I kind of channeled that into my music."

More specifically, she wrote songs entitled "Survivors," "Rise," and -- our favorite -- "Kill 'Em With Kindness."

In case you missed it, back in the spring, Selena posted a pic of herself in a bikini to Instagram. She looked gorgeous as usual, but Internet trolls crawled out of the cyberspace woodwork to chide her for gaining weight.

"You need to work out," one commenter actually had the nerve to say. "Please stop eating junk food!"

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Selena was brave enough to respond, saying, "I don't need to do anything other than love myself, take care of my work, fans, family and friends." She also called the commenter "disgusting," which is kind of like giving a bad driver the middle finger as you pass them.

At the time, that seemed enough, but it's kinda cool that Selena now admits that like ALL women -- famous or not -- she couldn't just let the hateful comments go. And inspiring that she was able to do something with them that wasn't self-destructive.

After all, the psychological factors that contribute to eating disorders include low self-esteem, feeling inadequate, and having a lack of control in your life. We're guessing that being a celeb who's treated like an object rather than a human being puts you at risk for ALL those feelings.

Good for Selena for being a survivor who can rise above the comments and kill 'em with kindess. (See what we just did there?) We hope her new album is as good as her attitude.


Image via selenagomez/Instagram

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