Amy Schumer Doesn't Need Jennifer Lawrence to Be Her BFF

amy schumer emmy winHearing that Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence had met and instantly fallen for each other as BFFs made lots of us swoon. And for good reason! Who doesn't want to see two separately cool atoms collide? But settle down, people. Amy and JLaw are not BEST friends -- just really good friends. And duh. There's a difference.


Jennifer and Amy met only recently, but in those short few months they have somehow managed to meet up on vacation, jump onstage during a Billy Joel concert, and, um, make a human pyramid together. Because, you know, aren't all those things you do with YOUR pals?

And Jennifer was apparently all Team Amy at the recent Emmy awards. Not only did she fill Amy's hotel room with balloons (thoughtful, but how do you sleep?), but she also immediately texted after Amy's win for Best Variety Sketch Series. Amy told Entertaiment Tonight:

Jennifer sent me a really sweet text. She said that I looked pretty but not smart ... She's the real deal funny.

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That said, in a separate interview with E!, Amy basically told all of us to back off about the BFF label:

We really like each other, but I think the media blew it up. We're not BFFs. We're just F's, but we're really good F's. I've had BFFs since I was 8 years old, so it'll be tough to uproot them.

Thanks, Amy, for giving us yet another reason to love you.

Despite what Facebook would have us believe, our "friends" are NOT all created equally. And any normal person should be able to know their good friends from their fun-for-now crowd to the people who have your back for life.

Some friends remind us who we were. Others help us transform into who we want to be. And the very best -- like it sounds Amy's REAL BFFs are -- are capable of doing both.

We're guessing those gals make up the real foundation of Amy's human pyramid.


Image via amyschumer/Instagram

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