Now Women in Their 20s Have to Work Harder to Avoid Being Overweight

young women working outFile this under "bummer." If you're in your 20s -- and yes, even if you're a supermodel! -- you've got to eat less and work out more than everyone else to stay in shape.


A major study funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research analyzed the diets of nearly 36,400 Americans, based on survey results collected between 1971 and 2008. They also looked at self-reported data on how much people exercised.

They found people were 10 percent heavier in 2008 compared to 1971. And 5 percent in later years if you took into account physical activity level. In other words, our moms had to work far, far less to stay in shape.

Which seems totally unfair. But don't take it personally. According to researchers, there's more to losing weight than just "energy in, energy out."

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In fact, this data provides good evidence that our weight is affected by multiple factors including our family gene pool, when we eat, gut bacteria, environmental pollutants, stress -- even nighttime light exposure. Because of that, researchers point out, simply eating well and working out is NOT enough.

Did we warn you this research was a bummer?

But! On the plus side, no pun intended, now we have even more reasons to follow a full-on healthy lifestyle. It's really not enough to eat crap all day, then think a Zumba sesh will burn it off. 

Knowing our weight is based on SO much more than what we eat will maybe (hopefully!) help us take control of that number we see on the scale.



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