Lorde's 'Weeping' Pink Eye Causes a Fuss at Fashion Week (PHOTOS)

lorde pink eyeNew York Fashion Week is all about making a statement, but one star's look was definitely raising eyebrows -- and not in a good way. Singer Lorde showed up with a "weeping and screaming" reddish-purple eye that definitely seems cause for concern. But like any 18-year-old powerhouse, she made the best of it.  


The New Zealand native was in town to catch Kanye West's "Yeezy Season 2" show and shared some alarming photos of what looks like pinkeye or some other serious infection.

one question: what happened to your eye?

A photo posted by Lorde (@lordemusic) on

Based on that caption, we'd have to imagine she's been fielding a lot of inquiries about this. And, yikes, it certainly looks uncomfortable. 

Like any performer, Lorde subscribes to the "show must go on!" theory, but we think she should probably see a doctor stat! Also, as any mom knows, pinkeye is highly contagious so we hope she steered clear of little North West!

Her lips are so chapped, it's uncomfortable to look at. Couldn't someone toss the usually stunning songstress some lip balm?! We're sure she's exhausted from her hectic lifestyle but we hope she listens to her body and takes care of herself!

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"My good eye" -- oh that's so sad! We also pray this doesn't start a trend where young girls will be using eye shadow to achieve the "Lorde" eye. Yeesh, we hope she feels better fast! 


Image via © All Access Photo Group/Splash News/Corbis


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