Worst Case of Head Lice of All Time Will Freak Out Even the Toughest Mom (VIDEO)

worst case of head lice everAs moms, we all cringe when we get that note from the school nurse saying one of our children's classmates has lice. We grab the comb and complete the obligatory head-check. But never in our wildest dreams could we imagine finding anything like what's seen in this video of the world's worst case of head lice.


Warning: This video is not for the squeamish! It will have you scratching your head (pun intended) in horror and disbelief.

This man's head is literally crawling with bugs! How on earth did it get to this point? We don't know, but the unidentified man sought the services of the "Lice Assassins" in a London-based salon, where his was declared the worst case of head lice ever seen. And, seriously, these blood-sucking pests were no longer confined to his scalp. They'd migrated to his eyebrows and eyelashes! Are you dying? We are!

I can't be the only person who plans on checking her kids' heads the second they hop off the school bus this afternoon. If I had a nickel for every lice scare we've had, I could retire right now. But if I ever came face to face (or face to scalp in this case) with a situation like this one, I think I'd faint! 


Image via News Magazine/YouTube

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