'Dear Fat People' Vlogger Tells 'The View' She Still Isn't Sorry -- at All (VIDEO)

nicole arbour the viewThe Internet usually has the attention span of a toddler, but not for that "Dear Fat People" that popped up nearly two weeks ago. Two weeks is like 17 dog years online, yet people are STILL complaining about it. And yesterday on The View, comedienne Nicole Arbour STILL refused to apologize for it.


The body-positive community is pretty sure Nicole Arbour's controversial video fat-shames people. And so did The View co-host Joy Behar.

As Behar explained to Arbour:

I'm a comic, so if I'm going to do a joke about a fat person, I'm going to say I'm fat first. You're not fat. That's the problem ... you sort of hide behind this, 'Well, it's not healthy...' That's bull and you know it. You don't care about their health.

As you can imagine, the talk show's audience went wild at this. But Arbour insisted that Behar's criticisms were off-base, claiming:

I do care about people's health. But the whole thing was a joke, and I make fun of myself all the time! I think we've all got to make jokes about everybody.

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Arbour said the video was satire, "made to offend people, just the way I do with all the other videos."

Here's the full clip, if you missed it.

What people find funny is pretty individual. Need proof? How many times have you watched a sitcom, heard people in the studio audience laughing so hard they may be breaking a rib, and thought, "What the what? This is SO lame!"

Arbour's YouTube videos don't just trash people with weight issues. In them, she jokes about women, Instagram models, people getting divorced ... And her approach to them all is pretty "tough love–like," just like in "Dear Fat People."

Behar makes an interesting point, though, that HER unspoken rule as a comic is to laugh at herself first. And perhaps that's what Arbour's missing from her otherwise funny repertoire -- a little empathy.

Let's all close our eyes for a second, and imagine Arbour's routine being delivered from the mouth of a "fat" woman. Now is it funny? Or ... not?


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