Tess Holliday Posts a Nude Portrait & Doesn't Care If It Offends You (PHOTO)

Whoa, model Tess Holliday just posted a nude photo of herself on Instagram, and she looks spectacular -- of course! But what she says about that photo makes it an even more powerful statement.


The black-and-white photo shows Holliday from behind as she stands in front of a mirror. She looks over her shoulder with a sultry yet defiant look, tattoos trailing down her arm. A little "Oops!" cartoon bubble hides her nipple because this is Instagram, but we get the point. 

In the caption she says, "My relationship with my body is a journey, not a destination." Yes! You're feeling that, right? All of us do. Some days it's hard, other days the sun shines and we feel like a goddess. That's such an important thing to remember. (I should tattoo it to the palm of my hand to remind myself, seriously.)

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"I appreciate & honor what it's done for me, & the life it brought into the world," the mother of one continues. "I don't give a [speak no evil emoticon] if you find me attractive or if my body offends you."

I have a hunch this is an implicit response to that viral "Dear Fat People" video -- but she's smart not to give anyone extra publicity. (Derr, wish I could say the same for myself.) I love it.

I won't go as far as to say this is the final word on body acceptance, because I hope this is always an ongoing conversation. But I think Tess Holliday just told us something we all need to hear -- all of us.


Image via tessholliday/Instagram

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