Mom Strips Down in Public to Encourage Body Acceptance (VIDEO)

Amy Pence Brown bikini Boise, IdahoLoving your body is a wonderful thing, but would you have the courage to prove it by standing in the middle of your town square wearing nothing but a bikini? Amy Pence-Brown, 39, stripped down in an open market in Boise, Idaho, and invited strangers to draw on her body to promote self-acceptance.


Pence-Brown, a mom of three, explained her motivation for this bold and unusual act to People

I was a chubby kid turned curvy teen turned fat mother, but have been at peace with my body for many years. I was hoping this project would help others do the same

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It's great to see that the this mom got such a warm and empowering response. Let's be honest, in another city, this easily could've turned out a lot differently! 

We can't help but wonder what her kids thought! Most tweens and teens are mortified when their moms simply open their mouths, let alone take off their clothes in the middle of town! But good for her for wanting to share this message of acceptance! We love the body-positive activist's words when she says: 

All bodies are good bodies, imperfect as we all are. Life is too short to go on hating yourself, so start loving yourself where you are right now.

So inspiring! It takes a lot of courage to do this and we hope it made people, even the ones who didn't decorate her with little hearts, treat themselves more acceptingly.


Images via LauraTV/YouTube

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