Comedienne's 'Dear Fat People' Video Breaks the Internet -- and Not in a Good Way

nicole arbour dear fat people videoIf you spend any time on the Internet besides, say, buying shoes or looking for promo codes, you KNOW that it's all about body acceptance lately. Everyone's #bodypositive, damn it. Everyone except comedienne Nicole Arbour. So when she posted a video to YouTube entitled Dear Fat People, the Internet pretty much grabbed pitchforks and started running after her.


If you're not familiar with Nicole Arbour, you should be. She's funny. Really funny. On her YouTube channel, she rolls her eyes and offers tough love "advice" to everyone from Instagram models to men who rock the "man bun."

But recently, she uploaded a video called "Dear Fat People." Over the course of six minutes, Arbour throws out some pretty hardcore jokes. For instance, making fun of the sausage-smelling obese family that cuts her in line at airport security because they're "disabled," and comparing some overweight people to zombies who'd be unable to chase after her.

"OMG the hashtag, #bodypositive," she rants at one point. "If you want to be positive to your body, work out and eat well. That's being positive to your body."

Arbour mentions that she understands some people have a specific health condition that prevents them from losing weight. And she also repeatedly makes the point that obesity leads to serious health issues and even early death.

It's not a whole lot different than the "tough love" advice she's given in her other videos. It's clearly meant to be satirical. But commenters didn't care and got vicious. One even said, "It's really mean what you said ... kill yourself."

On Sunday, Arbour's video was abruptly removed from YouTube.

"We literally broke the Internet ... With comedy. #censorship," Arbour tweeted. She also made the (good) point that "graphic videos of murder and torture" are allowed, but, um, she can't make light of people's weight?

"Dear Fat People" has since been reinstated -- and now has over a million views. (And over 18 million on Facebook.) But people are as angry as ever. Parodies of the video are cropping up. Whitney Way Thore, the plus-sized star of TLC's My Big Fat Fabulous Life, filmed a finger-wagging video response. 

On the other hand, Nicole's gotten some surprising support. On her FB page, more than one commenter took this perspective:

Girl I'm 190 and I feel I look great but I still want to be smaller. Do you see my bitching your video? Nope because it's the truth not to mention I am doing something about my weight so I'm around for my kids. Don't blame others for YOU being unhealthy. #takeresponsibilityforyourweight

Arbour isn't a politician. And she's not the surgeon general. She's a COMEDIAN.

Is the video funny? Like ALL stand-up routines, apparently that's in the eye of the beholder. But here's a tip: If you don't like it, stop watching. Not everybody laughs at the same thing. But just because you don't doesn't mean you have to accuse someone of shaming you.

Image via Nicole Arbour / YouTube

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