Cindy Crawford Finally Discusses That Viral 'Unretouched' Lingerie Photo

Cindy Crawford bikiniCindy Crawford, 49, was the subject of a viral photo kerfuffle back in February. A snap of the lingerie-clad Crawford at a 2013 Marie Claire photo shoot showed some physical characteristics that would not be surprising on the average mother-of-two approaching the mid-century mark.


Thing is, Crawford is not the average etc. She was at the top of the supermodel pantheon of the '90s and captured hearts in music videos and TV commercials, such as this one for Pepsi. 

It turns out that the pic of the supposedly unretouched Crawford was a fraud. Her husband Rande Gerber quickly Instagrammed a Valentine to Crawford, showing her lounging poolside in a tiny bikini looking tan, toned, and fit, and the photographer sounded off that the photo -- with a slightly pooch-y belly, substantial thighs, and what looks like years of sun damage -- was bogus.

Crawford didn't say a thing.

Now she tells Elle Canada (she's the October issue cover girl) that she hated to undermine the validation that many women got from it. 

"I felt really manipulated and conflicted, so I kept my mouth shut," she says in the magazine. 

Crawford, whose skincare line Meaningful Beauty is chock full of anti-aging serums and salves, is well aware of what the ticking clock can do to skin. In this case, she cared more about the self-acceptance this phony photo gave women around the world than standing up to defend herself and her brand. She told the magazine that she used it "as a teaching lesson" for daughter Kaia, 13 (who recently signed her own modeling contract).

Not that's beauty that means something. 


Image via randegerber/Instagram

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