#Me Issue Filled With Celeb Selfies Only Fuels Our Narcissism (PHOTOS)

selfie obsession So in case you thought the whole selfie obsession was (finally!) going away, there's this news: Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Lopez (a.k.a selfie queens) have contributed -- what else -- selfies that'll appear in the September #ME issue of Interview magazine. Am I the only person who's ready to scream, "Enough already"?


We get it, Kim and J.Lo, you're stunning and you want the world to appreciate your beauty. 

Miley, you seem determined to shock us in your endless parade of tongue-centric self-portraits. (Though, honestly, I think at this point, that's no longer possible unless you suddenly convert to Quakerism.)

When yiew da host so you gotta get to the vmas early AF!!!!!

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But, quite frankly, we've seen enough of all of you in your natural, though filtered, habitats, thankyouverymuch.

What's really unfortunate about this craze is the way it's trickled down to normal folks who are now snapping pics of themselves standing beside cardboard cutouts of M&Ms in the candy aisle of their grocery store and then -- what else -- sharing them. 

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It just seems like everyone needs so much validation today -- whether it's in the form of "likes" or "shares" or thumbs-up emojis. Sure, every once in a while it's fun to see a photo of a friend in an unexpected circumstance, but please don't make me responsible for your self-esteem on a daily basis. 

Now I get it if you've undergone a dramatic hair transformation, you're standing at the top of Machu Picchu, or Jude Law suddenly pops up behind you. In these cases, by all means, pull out that smartphone and fire away!

Or, if you can't find a single person within 400 yards who's willing to take your picture with the Manhattan skyline in the background, I'll give you a pass. But if you're wearing an Old Navy T-shirt sitting on the same couch you were perched on for yesterday's selfie, I'm goin' have to ask you to cease and desist.

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I'm "Facebook friends" with a woman who posts selfies nearly every day, and over the course of each afternoon the same 30 people tell her how amazing and beautiful she is. It just makes me want to ask, "Are you getting no attention from your husband or three kids? You look exactly like you did yesterday, only today you're in the handicapped stall of a public restroom because 'Killer lighting, LOL!'"

Now I know someone will tell me I can hide these posts from my feed but I've developed a strange train-wreck-like fascination with it. I can see why some parents choose to photograph their infant every day for the first year of his life, but this lady is in her 50s, so I have to say, "Woman, please!"

And then there are those who've devoted the summer to posting racy, bikini selfies. Yes, we can tell that CrossFit and juicing are totally working for you! In the words of Cher, you've been able to turn back time, and while that's awesome for you, you should know that those of us whose thighs are slowly cascading toward our ankles while we dream of ice cream cake are secretly hating you for your #willpower.

Now I'm not going to lie, I've taken a selfie or two here and there -- mainly when I'm with my children and we've just boarded a terrifying roller coaster or we're wearing clown wigs. And you know when I love to take a selfie? When my son says, "Mom, you've got something in your teeth. No, you didn't get it. Try again. Nope, still there." But it's not something I do regularly.

Maybe if I looked more like Victoria Beckham I'd be tempted to load up an Instagram account with some serious close-ups. But I prefer to think I'm more interested in keeping my lens focused on those around me than on myself, and I wish others held that same view. 


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