After Double Mastectomy, Woman Feels Better Than Ever About Her Body (PHOTOS)

Claira HermetAt the age of 19, BBC Radio presenter Claira Hermet was diagnosed with BRCA1, a genetic mutation that increased her risk of contracting breast cancer to 85 percent. After losing both her mother and sister to breast cancer, Claira made the decision to have a double mastectomy and remove her 32DD breasts. 


It was a decision that became widely publicized when she chose to throw a “Goodbye Boobs” party complete with boob-shaped cupcakes sold to raise money for cancer awareness. She put on a brave front, but told the Daily Mail, “Prior to the operation, I didn’t know how my body was going to look. I wondered if I would be able to wear a bikini, if I would look good naked, if I would ever get a boyfriend.”

Seven months have now passed since her surgery, and the 28-year-old is happy to report that she feels more confident and at peace with her body than ever before. She has a new found gratitude for life and views her body as a gift which enables her to travel and to run half marathons.

She is focusing on being kind to herself and spreading the message through a documentary about her experience. While she hasn’t yet found an outlet for the film, she is encouraging any supporters to share the trailer via social media with the hashtag #GOODBYEBOOBS.

Inspiring much? Check out these BEFORE and AFTER photos of Claira rocking all the bathing suits. 




Images via missclairahermet/Instagram

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