Woman's Facial Mole Inexplicably Morphs Into a Large 'Unicorn Horn' (VIDEO)

woman unicorn mole
This will have you double-checking your moles and running to the dermatologist! An 87-year-old woman in China who sprouted a unicorn-like horn that began as a mole seven or eight years ago is hoping to have it removed. 


Liang Xiuzhen said the mole began itching but after she attempted to treat it with Chinese medicine, it continued to grow into a horn-like mass that eventually reached 13 centimeters. 

This poor woman! It looks so uncomfortable. 

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It's no surprise that she reports having trouble sleeping. Who knew this was even possible? So just what is it exactly? Turns out, it's a type of skin tumor -- which can take on the look of wood or coral. Though they are usually small and benign, they can grow larger and turn out to be malignant.  

While her family obviously wants to help her and make her as comfortable is possible, they're concerned about her undergoing surgery at her age and are considering alternatives. Whichever route they take, we wish this woman a quick recovery!


Images via NEWS & MEDIA/YouTube

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