Carrie Underwood Spills Her Secrets to Staying Fit Since Becoming a Mom

carrie underwoodA successful singing career, new baby, handsome hubby, and a workout line set to debut at New York Fashion Week sounds like a lot to juggle! But somehow one country crooner and former American Idol not only makes it all seem effortless, but she looks fabulous doing it. Carrie Underwood spoke with Yahoo Health and revealed her secrets for staying fit and feeling amazing since becoming a mom.


First, we love that Underwood acknowledges that "there’s not a lot of extra time" once you've got a little one! But, the singer -- who gave birth to her son, Isaiah Michael Fisher, in February -- recognizes it's crucial to make the time to stay active and healthy. She explains: 

I think being able to have something for yourself every day is important — [whether] that is your workout, or it’s meditation, or going for a walk, or whatever it is. I do try to make a little time — it might not be as much time as it used to be, but making some time for myself helps. You don’t have to think when you run, which is probably why I like it. You just throw music on your headphones and just go.

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You can tell the 32-year-old practices what she preaches. In our opinion, the hot mama, who is just as stunning post-workout, has never looked better!

She's so right, too, when she says exercising gives you a chance to clear your mind. With some much going on in her life, it's no wonder she treasures that time, no matter what the conditions might be. She tells Yahoo:

... there’s nothing like a good run. I’ve run more this summer than I have probably ever [run before]. Before I’d feel like, 'Oh my gosh, it’s too hot.' But now, I can’t wait to get out and sweat.

Clearly, it's working for her. And after those runs, Underwood, who's been a vegetarian since she was 13, fuels up by making some healthy culinary choices. She shares her fave dish -- zucchini noodles -- perfect for busy moms:

... they’re so easy to make, you can buy one of those spiralizers for $15. I can make a big Tupperware thing full of them if I have a few extra minutes, and I’ll grab a big handful and put some sauce on it — that’s an easy, healthy go-to. Or, you can buy stir-fry vegetables, fresh in a package — broccoli, cauliflower, carrots. You just add some sort of protein, so I’ll do tofu or a chicken/meat substitute.

She makes it sound so easy, doesn't she? But we love that she's offering real solutions that any mom can tackle. She's not saying join a fancy gym, get plastic surgery, or hire a personal chef to whip up healthy dishes. This Oklahoma native is all about doin' it herself and we love her for it. Even when her hockey player husband asks for pizza, Underwood serves it up on tortillas to limit the fat -- a smart and savory substitute. 

The Grammy winner looks fantastic and seems to have boundless energy so it may be time to take her fitness ideas to heart!


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