'Real Women' Drop F-Bombs to Make a Fierce Point About Photoshop (VIDEO)

FCKH8 feminists vs. photoshopYou may remember the mouthy and irreverent T-shirt company FCKH8 for the video they put out last year featuring little girls dropping the F-bomb in the name of feminism. Well, they're sparking controversy once again with their latest viral promo called "Feminists vs. Photoshop."


It begins with soft piano music reminiscent of a Dove campaign and then takes a swift turn, featuring women of all ages and shapes bearing their tattooed, curvy, and wrinkled bodies. Check it out.

Compared to their last pro-feminism video which starred a handful of young girls dressed up as princesses and cussing like sailors, this one is decidedly tamer and likely won't be accused of child exploitation.

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Yes, the leading ladies are still foul-mouthed and flipping off the camera. But unlike the group of children in the other video, the defiance of these women is rooted in experience. They are fully aware of what they stand for, and we sense that there are stories behind their smiles. Maybe battle scars, too.

We think that adds an extra layer of meaning -- whether you agree with the delivery or not.


Image via FCKH8/Vimeo

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