Sanitary Pad Ad Tells Women Their Period Makes Them Stupid, Fat & Out of Control (VIDEO)

sofy befresh tv adLet's admit it. Having a period is not super-fun or exciting or special, like so many commercials in the olden days used to pretend. That said, it does not turn us all into moronic, emotionally unstable losers like an offensive new sanitary pad commercial from Down Under would have us believe.


SOFY BeFresh, an Australian brand of pads, just launched an ad that manages to offend pretty much EVERY woman on the planet. And will probably (and wrongly) strike fear in the hearts of every man who sees it. ("Oh, s***, is this what I have to deal with if I move in with my girlfriend?") As well as every young girl who has yet to start her period. "("Oh no, is THIS what I'm going to turn into?")

We could tell you that the ad transforms a normal, well-adjusted, attractive woman into a slobbering, crying, ridiculous mess when her period's due. But our description won't do it justice. Watch it yourself.

Let's dissect what's wrong with this. Fat-shaming? Check. Playing on stereotypes of women being out of their minds when they're "on the rag"? Yup. Misogynistic? Oh, yes.

It's like it's a fake commercial you'd see on Inside Amy Schumer that's just TOO much -- too oblivious, too insensitive, too broad, too full of hate and/or self-hate.

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We ladies get that having our periods can be rough. We DO weep. We DO occasionally lose our temper over something teeny-tiny. We get cramps, lose energy, and feel compelled sometimes to eat potato chips at seven in the morning. But it's hormones and biology, so don't f---ing attack us, Ad People!

It's totally okay for us to gently poke fun at ourselves. But for an advertiser to have the hubris to stereotype and insult our entire gender? Eh, not so much. Even if the writers of this ad are women themselves.

The tagline for the video reads:

Ugh. That feeling of general grossness when your pad isn't quite doing its job. Say goodbye to blergh with SOFY® Be Fresh™.

And maybe THAT'S what's most offensive at all -- assuming we're all generally "gross," you know, that is unless we buy their product.


Image via Unicharm Australasia/YouTube

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