'Friends Forever Tampons' Will Bring Us a Lot Closer to Our BFFs

holding a tamponFriends vent to each other when they're having a bad day. Give honest assessments in fitting rooms. And always know the right time to make you a batch of brownies/crack open a bottle of wine. They have your back, in other words. And now, your BFF can share your tampon, thanks to "Friends Forever Tampons."


Kat Thek, who has a sketch comedy radio show, has "launched" the product: two tampons, one string. You know, so you can share that special time of month with your bestie.

It is, as The Cut refers to it, "a modern upgrade to the friendship bracelet." And the faux-product's tag line is, of course, "Let friendship flow!"

Go to Friends Forever's Tumblr, and you'll see a GIF of Thelma and Louise -- who would TOTALLY have bought this uni-tampon -- as well as a list of shops where it can be purchased, ranging from Tiffany's on Wall Street to Crocs and Trader Joe's.


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It's a bloody good joke, if we do say so ourselves, and one we're guessing you'll share with your BFFs next time you have a ladies' night out. Then, as you quietly sip your wine, you can all glance around the table and wonder, "Which of you would I REALLY share a tampon with?"

Not to worry. (Taylor Swift would have a prob choosing, too.) Thek assured The Cut she'll supply custom group tampons for bridal showers, corporate team-building events, and assorted Lilith Fairs.



Image via gregory_lee/iStock

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