'Orange Is the New Black' Star Comes Out as a 'Proud Fat Woman' (VIDEO)

Lea DeLaria"Body positive" is the phrase of the summer. Celebs and normal folks alike are taking to the Internet to profess they heart their curvy bods. But an Orange Is the New Black star is stripping down and professing she loves her fat, thus taking the honesty one step further.


The heroine of question is 57-year-old Lea DeLaria, who plays Big Boo on the Netflix series. She recently filmed a video for StyleLikeU, a group that pays homage to women with "individual style."

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The 11-minute video starts off with DeLaria rocking a tailored white shirt and black suit. (Not to mention awesome red socks.) As she gives her two cents about body image and acceptance, she slowly strips down until she's only in a sports bra and plaid boxers.

But DeLaria's insight goes beyond pointing out a stretch mark or cellulite and saying, "Eh. I love myself anyway."

Check it out.

Her two most important takeaways?

1. Body image is a feminist issue. DeLaria admits:

It freaks me out when I'm standing next to a woman who's maybe 100 pounds soaking wet, talking about how fat she is. Men can weigh any f---ing weight they want ... No one gives them s--t about it.

No kidding. Sure, we appreciate a man in shape more than one who needs to drop 50 pounds. But we don't secretly think he's lazy, stupid, unattractive -- any of the stereotypes that plague overweight women.

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2. Fat can be beautiful. DeLaria acknowledges:

Obesity is an issue. I get it. It's a problem ... But the flip coin of that is that it's mostly genetics and there's nothing wrong with it ... Fat is not ugly. In fact, it's quite beautiful.

Okay, so let's overlook the fact that she's not a scientist and "mostly genetics" sounds like a huge generalization, given that if you're regularly guzzling soda, eating fast food, and never exercising, your weight is likely due to lifestyle, not family history. But, still -- she makes an important -- and pretty ballsy -- point.

"Fat" and "curvy" are two different things. Curvy is Marilyn Monroe, right? Or Beyoncé. Sofia Vergara. "Fat" is, well, just fat. So what's wrong with calling it that?

Some women, despite taking awesome care of themselves -- eating well, exercising regularly -- will never be stick-thin. And their body shape simply is not curvy. Why can't we all accept and embrace their body type -- and the word that describes it?

There's so much stigma attached to "fat." But like DeLaria says, it certainly can be beautiful.


Image via Netflix

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