Growth on Woman's Ovary Turns Out to Be Her Unborn Twin

This was the last thing mother-of-two Jenny Kavanagh was expecting when doctors removed a tumor from her ovary. She was afraid it was cancer. But surprise! Kavanagh's tumor turned out to be her unborn "evil" twin, which had been growing inside of her all this time.


Well, doctors aren't positive that the mass was Kavanagh's twin, but it seems likely. "The fact that it had long black hair, just like mine, a face, with one eye and one baby tooth makes it more believable," she told the Mirror. Her doctor told her there could have been two embryos inside her mother, with the stronger one overtaking the weaker.

Kavanagh says when she saw the mass she felt "shocked, very scared, horrified and it felt like an alien was inside me." It made her mom sad. She saw it as an unborn child at first.

Kavanagh felt the same way. "But I try not to feel sad about it," she says. "I try to remember that it had no heart and no brain and that it would have almost certainly killed me if they hadn't found it and removed it."

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This happens from time to time -- doctors find what could be the beginning of a twin inside a person's body. In some cases limbs or organs of a vestigial twin grow on or inside its sibling's body. And then of course there's conjoined twins.

For people like Kavanagh it could make you wonder about how different your life would be if that twin had developed completely. What would it be like to grow up with a twin? You almost found out.

For people like Kavanagh's mom it could be almost like a miscarriage, but without the pain or disappointment. You almost had another child in your life, but something happened.

And it makes the rest of us ponder that impossible question, when does life begin? Sure, there are many who are sure of the answer. But many others of us are not so sure. It seems like there must be an intermediary space that is not quite life, but is more than a collection of cells, and this could be evidence of that.


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